Custom Bowstrings

When Accuracy Matters, Shoot With Confidence.

Know your shooting the best quality bowstrings available when you choose A3 Archery.

What Archers Say About A3 Archery

I have been shooting a compound bow for nearly 40 years and have seen many sets of strings. I have dealt with peep rotation, strings stretching, fuzzy fibers, and weak serving. With A3 Archery Custom Bowstrings I have solved all of those issues at once – Great Product The viper series is one of of kind with vibrant color. Zero rotation, gained a few feet per second from my 452X, and haven’t had to wax since installed.

I have been shooting A3 Strings for a while now and have never had any trouble with them, they are the first set of strings I have ever installed that did not require any twists to tune or bring the bow into spec. Not to mention no peep rotation and never lost timing or an ounce of poundage – That is ZERO Movement!

I recently put a set of A3’s on my 80# RX4 and 75# V3 Both sets of strings require no wax with the Bloodline Fibers, Both sets have had zero stretch, zero settling in time, zero peep rotation since installed, I have taken the V3 from Texas to Idaho and back to Texas with no change in tune from temperature and or humidity differences. Best strings I have ever put on a bow!  Thanks for making a great product.

I shoot every form of compound archery game there is and it is very comforting to not have to worry about the most important part, the string and cables.
The bow is in spec after a change out of the package and after 1000’s of shots when I check everything before a tournament nothing has moved. Outstanding work from an outstanding company. Don’t hesitate to check out A3 Custom Bowstrings.

I just finished shooting two complete ASA Tournament seasons on the same set of A3 strings, with zero issues. I’ll never trust a podium finish to another brand of strings.

To have A3 strings is to have reliability, reassurance and quality. The best strings I’ve ever shot, do yourself a favour and treat you bow to the best strings out.

After hundreds of shots no cable stretch or peep rotation!

Been shooting them for 3 years now. Just got my 3 rd set. Love that you can talk to Brent if you need any help! That’s a major plus! Been the best strings I’ve ever had on my bow!! A3 rocks!

Most reliable string I have shot. Year and a half later still no peep movement.

The A3 archery strings performance and maintenance of the bloodline series strings rocks the competition! Reliable and Rock solid! ? stop worrying about your strings and just Hunt!

Zero peep rotation,zero stretch and one of the best serving jobs I’ve seen couldn’t be happier

Platinum Series Featuring Bloodline Fiber

Bloodline Fiber Technology has Changed the game in Fibers introducing a Super Stable Fiber with Zero Creep and with a proprietary coating that is not only waxless, but abrasion resistant and water repellent!!

Premium Series Bowstrings

BCY 452X has been the Golden Standard in Bowstring Fiber for many years due to being a highly stable material with zero creep.  This fiber will need to be maintained by keeping it waxed

Primer Series Bowstrings

The A3 Primer Series is a more budget friendly option

All Primer Series Bowstrings are Built Utilizing BCY 452X along with BCY 3D Materials for a superb Bowstring – They are Prestretched utilizing a static stretching method and are not Pre-Cycled like our Premium Bowstrings

Why Should You Choose A3 Archery as Your Bowstring of Choice?

A3 Archery Custom Bowstrings developed an approach to (Pre-Stretching) Bowstrings – We have taken the term Pre-Stretched to a whole new level with our Exclusive Pre-Cycle Technology.

All Strings are Factory Tested for Peep Rotation as part of our multi step Quality Assurance Procedure.

Most other companies statically stretch strings and call it good enough; here at A3 Archery we utilize our Computer controlled and Automated Pre-Cycle Technology to give you the very best bowstrings available.

What sets A3 Archery Custom Bowstrings apart from other Bowstring manufacturers?

A3 is a Family Owned and Operated Manufacture and Archery Retail Shop.

Where did the name come from you ask? Brent actually had his family in mind with the names of his Wife and two Daughters names all starting with the letter A.

Our Bowstrings or Customer Service cannot and will not be matched.


    Strings All Go Through Our Exclusive Pre-Cycle Technology

    Why should you Fight Timing or Chasing Your Sight – Choose A3 For The Most Dependable and Consistent Bowstring on the Market Today!


    Keeps your eye on the target

    Why Should You Fight With Your Peep Sight? We check for Rotation as part of our multi-step Quality Program, if it moves it is subject to the Hazards of a Razor Blade and the Trash Can – We hate Rotation!


    Consistency from the first to the last shot

    With a number of Target Archers shooting A3 and some with over 20,000 shots on a set of strings that have never moved, the proof is in the strings.  Why would you subject yourself for a lesser quality – most big name brands are good at Marketing to show they are number 1, when in fact they are just number 1 at marketing and not building bowstrings


    Means better accuracy and consistency shot after shot

    We use only the best materials available from BCY Fibers and Bloodline Fiber Technology.

    If you are looking for an economy line bowstring made of lesser materials, you wont find it here. Our belief is you spent good money on your bow, so why subject it to anything sub-par.


    Means you get unparalleled quality bowstrings

    We have left all other manufactures in the dust – most “pre-stretch” your bowstrings under a static load – this helps, but there is a better solution, and we have it.  We call it Pre-Cycle Technology, we just took the old method of “pre-stretching” and brought it up to a whole new level utilizing to todays technology in an entirely digital process.  Be Innovative or Get Left Behind

How many pieces do you need for your bow?

Figuring out which set to purchase is as easy as counting the number of individual pieces that are on your bow..  See example pictures for reference

7 Piece Set

Examples are:

Prime Nexus or Black Series

Martin Inferno

4/5 Piece Set

Examples are:

Mathews Triax, Traverse, V3, VXR, etc

Hoyt RX-1, 3, or 4

PSE bows with the Hanger System: Evoke, Evolve, Expedite, etc.

2/3 Piece Set

Examples are:

Hoyt RX-5, Ventum, Invicta, Charger

Mathews Switchback, Z7, Z3

PSE Bows Stinger, Brute NXT or any with the PBTS System – Expedite NXT, Citation, Embark

All Elite Bows

Most bows will fit into this category especially the earlier models