Warranty Information:

What we cover:

  • One Year on Serving Separation
  • One Year on Peep Rotation
  • Bowhunter Series is 6 month on Peep Rotation

What we do not cover:

  • Damage from being improperly installed
  • Damaged String, Serving or Bow if the Bow is Dry-fired Intentionally or Un-Intentionally

We Do Not Cover incorrectly ordered Strings – Make sure you know what you are ordering.

In order to be warrantied – string sets must be installed by a retail archery shop by a certified technician (your bow shop)


Refunds are subject to a $25.00 dollar fee to cover credit card fees at point of sale, and the credit card fees at cancelation – and to also cover labor for stopping and interupting me from working to cancel it. Small 2 person shop – we do not have a dedicated customer service.

If you need a refund for some reason please contact our sales department at Sales@A3Archery.com

Changes to Orders

Any changes are subject to a change order fee for the time it takes clerically to assure the change is captured properly.

Need help?

Contact us at support@A3Archery.com