Platinum Series Featuring Bloodline Fiber Technology

Bloodline Fiber Technology has a proprietary coating that makes these bowstrings “WAXLESS” along with being abrasion resistant and water repellent

Premium Series

BCY Fibers in 452X has a long standing as being the most stable fiber in the industry coupled with Halo Servings and Powergrip Center Serving and Pre-Cycled – with our exclusive technology.

Primer Series

BCY Fibers in 452X Served with BCY 3D and Statically Stretched

Venom Series

Bloodline Fiber in an Exclusive Color only Available to A3 Archery.

Crossbow Sets

Crossbow cables are built using materials that are specific to that crossbow – they are not all equal or use the same material. We a variety of different BCY Fibers from D97, 452X, or HT99 by Bloodline.